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While there may be cheaper and easier ways to play some of the greatest games of the 16-bit era, none of them feel this good.

Nintendo has opted for quality over quantity with the game library. The SNES Classic is so popular with fans so this is a perfect new edition to satisfy fans. The real marvel is how Nintendo was able to bring real 3D to the 3DS without requiring any special 3D glasses.

Many 18 year old boys are graduating high school and preparing to start college or a job, so a gift that helps them with the transition will be greatly appreciated.

It comes with a custom pair designed VR controllers and two base stations that allow tracking up to 15 sq ft for a full-scale VR experience.

Many gamers have been playing Call Of Duty for years and every year it is just as fun.

There is something so thrilling about playing clan wars with a bunch of friends.

The system is slightly more powerful than the Xbox One.

If he doesn’t already own the Play Station 4, he will probably love you forever if he receives one as a gift. Those who have one of Samsung’s newer phones can jump on board with VR at an introductory price. With the headset, you can experience over 100 different apps that do everything from taking you to space to standing in the middle of a Hollywood movie.

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