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They can also embed them in email attachments or emailed hyperlinks that ask a potential victim things like, “Do you want to hear an interesting new song?

”Hackers can create their own RATs, or simply buy them online. The FBI said hacker Jared James Abrahams of Temecula used this kind of malware in 20 to take control of the webcams of numerous women, and photographed some of them when they were naked.

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You have to get past a firewall or install some type of malware to infect a machine,” said Erik Knight, founder and chief executive of Simple Wan, a Phoenix-based tech company.“Places like the National Security Agency certainly have these abilities but, generally, hackers have to feed you something first.”Hackers can hide the RATs in applications that users download from the Internet.

But he was caught by authorities and sent to prison.

The “sextortion” case generated lots of publicity and gave the impression that such hacking is mostly focused on sex.

When you select it as a webcam source, then whatever you have set the Manycam software to stream will be shown. I've been digging through Google and have only found information on screen recording, which I have covered. There are a few APIs in Windows which address video capture and offer capabilities to enumerate devices, and use specific device for capture: Video For Windows, Direct Show, Media Foundation.

To cut long story short, the absolute majority of existing apps use Direct Show, including Skype.

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