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The Merrick family left Beckindale for Leeds in 1972 when Jack returned to the village and offered Ruth ₤100.Ruth returned briefly in January 1974 to see her sister Janie Blakey.In September 1980, Ruth, now calling herself Pat, returned to Beckindale with Jackie and Sandie to stay with her aunt Elsie after she left Tom for good.But Elsie would not take them in as her children would make a lot of noise.The next song in that well-thought-out Big Apple trilogy was, of course, “New York State of Mind.” But before he went into it, he couldn’t help but flash a grin and compliment himself.

(More on that below.) Chicago rapper Vic Mensa raised his voice in protest at Mill’s predicament and unequal justice for minorities in his opening set.

“It’s really disappointing that the judge has refused to rule on Meek’s bail request because everyone knows he’s not a threat to the community.” The 23-year-old Embiid is friendly with the 30-year-old rapper, who has been a frequent front-row process truster at Sixers games.

“He’s fun to be around, he’s like any other human being,” says Embiid, who took off his shirt and danced onstage with Mill during his show at the Wells Fargo in February.

But in February 1964, he left Beckindale and Ruth, as she was then known, got together with Tom Merrick when she learned she was pregnant. Later that year she gave birth to a son Jackie and two years later a daughter, Sandie.

Tom questioned the paternity of Jackie as a result his being born seven months early and his resemblance to Jack Sugden.

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