Speed friendship dating questions

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The synastry charts of any two individuals can be compared; business partners, parent/child, friends, enemies or whatever.

Our purpose here, however, will be limited to the comparison of partners in a romantic or potentially romantic relationship. The rising sign or ascendant in your horoscope tells much about your personality.

This is the factor of the horoscope which speaks to how you will deal with the outside world.

And your relationships are a most important part of that outside world.

The Moon has a lot to do with relationships because this luminary denotes the state of emotions and conditioned responses.

If the Moon in one chart is square or opposed to the Moon in the partner's chart, chances are there have been some conflicting ideas existing based on backgrounds and previous experiences.

You will find significant compatibility with persons having a predominance in the same element as yourself.

If your partner is not of the same element as yourself, you must become familiar and tolerant of the differences that should be expected.

No matter what our personality is like, these inborn traits are going to be there and be very apparent.Mars relates to your romantic desires; lust, if you will.It determines how sexually aggressive you are, and the raw passion, or lack of it, in your nature. This is why the symbol of Mars is also the symbol for the male.Further, the air and fire groups share more compatibility with one another, as do the earth and water Suns.The elements are indeed important when evaluating a potential relationship.

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