South essex college southend campus

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The seating and the best of the projectors had been removed shortly after closure and laterly some of the sound and lighting equipment and curtaining was utilised in a local theatre.

In all honesty, apart from the sculptured ceiling and a small amount of plasterwork on one wall of the original Circle holding area, all traces of the building’s Art Deco heritage had been swept away in the 1969/70 re-build.

A large and lavish cinema, the Astoria Cinema opened in a Moderne Streamlined style, with 2,750 seats on 15th July 1935.

It was one of several Astoria Cinema’s opened in south-east England coastal towns in the mid-1930’s.

A supermarket was created in the former stalls and stage area, and used the original main entrance.The Compton organ was removed during the refurb of 1969/70, and sold to a private collector.During the early/mid 1970s the Southend Odeon ran a popular Saturday morning kids picture club in the bigger #2 auditorium, “The Super Saturday Show” with the usual fare of cartoons and wholesome Childrens Film Foundation shorts, and an interval in the middle. At the end of the show, the National Anthem was still played. There was an attempt to keep this splendid building open after the new multiplex opened in Southend, but it was presumably not economically viable to run the two cinemas simultaneously.The Odeon was closed on 5th April 1997, due to a new 8-screen Odeon multiplex which had opened in the town centre on 22nd November 1996.The Odeon stood unused until it was was demolished between July 2004 and January 2005.

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