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The outdoor areas, where Lund has placed a selection of her own works, are also activated.

During the exhibition period these will begin to decay, depending on the weather conditions.

The overall project could be described as a quest for the origin of sculpture and the whole form-shaping process.

Besides referring to the contemporary culture of things, the works also incorporate style traits from earlier periods of art.

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Sjov og effektiv træning med professionel vejledning.But only apparently – because through the incisions and the incorporation of, for example, imprints from items of clothing, there are at the same time indications of the traces of the body in the material.The works thereby also testify to remembrance and to life lived.This means, in particular, that they present themselves in a way that is different to what we normally experience; less hierarchically, and with a more direct presence.They incorporate, in brief, the duration of the experience and the spatial surroundings as fundamental conditions. As a whole, the exhibition relates directly to the architecture and collections of Holstebro Kunstmuseum, such as through a number of items from the studio archive of the sculptor Astrid Noack (1888-1954).

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