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A good movie is a perfect time pass as it not only entertains you but also gives you the best exposure on your favorite generic. We don't have any ads on our site to make the website clean and faster and works well for you guys, happy enjoy watching any movies online.Because as we understand we want to serve the best service for you.If you spend a lot of time searching for a decent movie, searching tons of sites that are filled with advertising?We are pleased to inform you that you've come to the right place.I first learned about it back in 2003 on an old anime site which doesn't even update anymore, and I've tried to watch it ever since.Up until a few months ago, I had only seen one episode.Because you see, this anime is written for someone who already understands the game, as such it never gets bogged down trying to explain the rules it assumes you already know.If you know the rules or are willing to take time to learn them, you’ll be greatly rewarded, now if you’ve made it this far, onto the actual review!

Tetsuya runs up against several opponents, and they each practice a different method of cheating (hand switches, elevators, tile tossing, tile-holding rings, magic "x-ray vision", etc.) It's interesting, although the dialogue during the active cheating scenes sometimes seems a bit sluggishly shonen.

All of a sudden this is a massively deep, intricate game, like poker on steroids.

Why am I saying any of this, it’s very simple really, this anime won’t make any sense if you can’t play Mahjong on at least a low level, you need to know the rules, the tile names, the hands, ect in order to follow this show.

Very developed ensemble, and their matches show as much.

Enjoyment: Tetsuya was fun to watch for me because of a number of factors, mostly the gritty realism mixed with some Mahjong (a very cool game) and badassed cheating and, some Mahjong situations I've never seen before - particularly a double open reach and a Dora 16 hand.

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