Rowsource not updating

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The auto-expand makes it quick to enter similar comments, but it gives no accuracy.

It is unnormalized, and completely unsuitable if you might need to count or group by the lookup category.

But lets ignore this wisdom, and explore what happens of you store the value list in the table.

Select the field in table design, and in the lower pane (on the Lookup tab), set the properties like this: Now create a form using this table, with a combo for this field.

The list automatically shows the current items next time you open the form.

This approach is useful in only very limited scenarios.

It is not written to the real table in the back end.

Just set this property to the name of the form that should be used to manage the items in the combo's list.

Use this event to add the new item to the Row Source table.

When you enter something that is not in the combo's list, its Not In List event fires.

Set the combo's Inherit Value List property to Yes.

Now Access ignores the Row Source list in the form, and uses the list from the table instead.

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