Radio weblogs sex stories

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There have been decreasing audiences for traditional broadcast news (Pew Research Center...

2000) and print journalism is under threat (Lloyd 2006).

In addition, there are more exotic Internet-only tools such as news search services, search engines and news aggregators (Chowdhury & Landoni 2006), which provide access to a range of sources.The new century has seen the emergence of technologies that allow the public to bypass the traditional mass media for access to news, to comment in real time on emerging news stories, or to report their own news information.Most significant is probably the Weblog, or 'blog', a reverse chronological order list of the writings of an individual or group.This has shown the potential of blogs but not the likelihood of blog-style debating becoming an embedded component of routine news production and values.To assess the potential for blogs to fundamentally change news production we first need to know more about how they are used to engage in news-related debates.

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