Playing games while dating

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“They’re both looking at same screen,” he said, “not screaming at each other with headphones.” Korenevsky says he hopes that after an icebreaker of catching Pokémon, daters will put their phones away “and get to know each other even better.” Which is essentially how Pokémon enthusiast Jeffrey Zhang became a Pokémon dating app developer.

On Wednesday, the first day the service went live, Daniel Korenevsky, the company’s chief fixup officer, said the immediate interest was overwhelming.

There are a few ways these connections can go: Players might meet in real life (like Teneo and his date); help each other catch that Charizard or Jigglypuff lingering nearby; and then eventually go out.

Singles are also connecting through dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble, dropping Pokémon mentions into their profiles, and then meeting up to hunt for Pokémon together.

He spotted a woman at the bus stop across the street, “finger-smashing” away, as he calls that signature Pokémon Go swipe, and realized that she was his problem. She appeared to be driving up the gym’s points, making it harder for someone on a different team, such as Teneo of Team Instinct, to capture it and install his mightiest Pokémon.

“Buy me a drink,” he recalls her yelling back at him, “and I’ll give you the gym.” Later that night Teneo did meet his Pokémon rival for a drink; afterward they hunted for Pokémon.

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