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The Sanctions List currently contains the names of 255 individuals and 80 entities and was last updated on 26 December 2017, and supersedes all previous versions.Please note that there are three separate Standard Forms, one for requesting the listing of individuals, one for requesting the listing of groups, and one for the listing of entities and undertakings. Decision-making of the Committee In accordance with Section 6 of Committee Guidelines, the Committee will consider all complete listing requests.If a proposal for listing is not approved within the decision-making period (normally ten working days, para.In cases where the Ombudsperson recommends delisting, the name will removed from the ISIL (Da'esh) & Al-Qaida Sanctions List after a fixed time period unless (a) all fifteen members of the Committee are in favour of maintaining the listing; or (b) the matter is referred to the Security Council for a decision.These procedures are set out in more detail in resolution 2368 (2017).

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