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The medicament offers an advantageously novel alternative to hitherto known medicaments for treatment of exanthemaes, psoriasis exanthemaes, exanthemaes in connection with fungal infections, virus infections, cutaneous tissue and revision of infected and non-infected producing a medicament for prophylactic or therapeutic treatment of diseases manifesting themselves in and/or damaging cutaneous tissue, wherein said diseases comprise virus infections or exanthema in humane or animal dermal or mucous tissue and wounds requiring revision, in which R preferably is chosen from the group of alkyls or alkenyles having 1 to 10 carbon atoms, cycloalkyls having 5 to 10 carbon atoms, phenyl , 2-ethoxyethyl, are chosen independently of each other from the group consisting of hydrogen, ethyl, propyl or butyl , and R' ' is chosen from the group consisting of alkyls or alkenyles having 1 to 10 carbon atoms, cycloalkyls having 3 to 10 carbon atoms, or R' ' is chosen from the group consisting of phenyl, benzyl, methylbenzyl, phenylbenzyl or halogen-substituted or alkyl-substituted compounds of these.14.

Use according to claim 1, 2 or 3, wherein the medicament is applied in the area at the wound edges of a wound requiring suturing for forming gripping flaps for maintaining contact between wound edges during suturing .16. 795-802, in which an isobuthyl-2-cyanoacrylate was applied together with bandage lens following surgical removal of sick tissue and supplemented with subsequent medical post-surgical treatment.

WO 95/00153 describes cyanoacrylate adhesives which are incorporated in the present patent application by reference. Cyanoacrylate adhesive is spread over the area desired cleaned.

The acrylate adhesives are used for spraying or covering a larger or smaller skin area which is especially exposed to friction and/or irritation. The impurities are attached to the polymer coating which can be pulled off after a short time in order to thereby cosmetically remove impurities from the skin surface.

The investment letter states that the security is exempt from registration with SEC because the buyer does not intend to sell the security for at least two years.

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IMPORTANT – Alberta’s Growing Forward 2 Traceability Technology Adoption program will reimburse eligible producers for 70% of approved costs for equipment and software that capture animal data for animal management and traceability purposes.The records can then be downloaded and exported for use or with the Bluetooth capability, RFID numbers can be scanned directly into enabled programs.Features of the Allflex RS420 Notable features of the Allflex RS420 include, but not limited to: large backlit screen for easy to read in sunlight or darkness, fast charge and long battery life, rugged build that passes water-resistance and drop tests, stores up to 100,000 records, and most importantly the wireless enabled Bluetooth.If the buyer does not offer an investment letter, then he/she must register the restricted security. A letter from the buyer of a private placement stating that the securities are for investment purposes and not for resale within two years.An investment letter is supposed to assure the SEC that the issue is not the first stage of a regular public offering subject to normal registration requirements.

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