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Pardon, Transatlantik, Simplicissimus, Lui and many others failed as well.

Each team is provided with a team microplan, which includes the number of houses and children to be reached, and a detailed description and map of each area to be covered including start point, route to be taken, end point, important landmarks and special sites, like schools and playgrounds, that should be covered to ensure all children receive the vaccine.In particular, we will be revisiting a specific article, reader’s letter, image, cover, etc. A crucial step on the way towards the European Union was the signing of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, an event that did not pass unnoticed by the form editorial team at the time.In form 131 (1990), eight designers were asked for their opinions on “Design in Europe”.This includes working with the communities themselves, as well as NGOs on the ground and government to make sure even the most remote settlements and hard to reach children are reached in the vaccination campaign.This must take into account groups that are mobile, such as nomads, the internally displaced, or migrant workers’ families.

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