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Thanks Justin SUMMARY Overall, the limited amount of research that has compared the use of bands/chains to traditional weight training have typically attempted to control for mean force produced (and hence work done).

These studies show little difference in the kinematics, kinetics or long-term adaptations of these alternative loading schemes to traditional loading.

Otherwise they make bench press a tricep-limited task even if you have a very wide grip.

The effect for me was a perceieved reduction in chest and delt benefit which I can't imagine is of great value to non shirt-wearing powerlifters or other athletes.

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of heavy elastic bands on the force, velocity, and power output produced during the back squat. After 6RM squat weight was determined for each lifter, three conditions were evaluated.

For the no bands (NB) condition the load was provided by the 6RM weight of the barbell alone.

With regard to your last question I suppose that they would, although so too do power cleans, cleans pulls etc..

At what level do you lift and what do you teach at AUT?

Take care, Scott -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Hi Justin Can't find the reference to that study although I remember it being discussed.

It is obviously impossible to equate volumes in conventional vs accomodating resistance so that was a major flaw in the study design.

From personal experience using the methods (only for bench training), they are of particular value to powerlifters who wear suits and shirts as the load kicks in when the suit or shirt ceases to be of great value (about 4-5 inches off the chest).

A review can be read on my equipment on the under "tests/technologies"...that's been there for some time.

I have both electrical and nonelectrical ways to achieve the only equipment of its kind on the market, and allows EACH repetition in a set to be a maximal effort..think about that carefully.

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