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If we prefer not to change our character roles and want to remain bitter, envious, jealous, depressed, frustrated, narrow-minded, then nobody can help us. You are the director of your own lives and it’s up you to determine which role you prefer to play.

The curtain goes up every morning when we get out of our beds. Lyrik: The Symphony of the Morning (Satis Shroff)I discern the recurring chirps and whistles Of the birds in the vast foliage of an oak tree, A German Eiche.

And when the visitor has slept in the Black Forest huts, hotels or bread-and-breakfast accommodations, has talked with the people of the Schwarzwald, they go as friends, taking home wonderful memories of the walks in the wilderness, the mountain glades with mooing and chewing well-fed cows, the excellent Badische cuisine and wines, the tasty Black Forest Torte, the witch’s hole mill and the Vogtsbauern homesteads.

You have to learn or re-learn to appreciate the small, good things in life and Nature is a big present for us all.

You hear the Allemanic dialect along the Rhine and Swabian along the Neckar Valleys.

There’s still a lot of old tradition that is being nursed and developed even among the younger generation.

You notice so many melodies When you eavesdrop, In the quiet comfort of your bed.The people of the Black Forest still put on their traditional costumes and speak their dialects, despite the modernity and fast pace of everyday life where you have to plan everything.The village bands still play their traditonal tunes, and the male singers in the hamlets, town and cities still have their old collection of songs which they sing with gusto as they have done since generations. The Dreisamtal Chronicle is about the musings of the writer & poet, his sketches and drawings, his happiness in Freiburg-Kappel and his longing for the Alps, Himalayas and his musings about the Nature in our environment, which we have to preserve and fight for, lest it be destroyed by human encroachment like in other parts of the world.Having come all the way from the Himalayas, I have found a home in the Dreisamtal. I love the wonderful air (Landluft) here, have made good friends in Kappel, and have been living like Mr.

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