Facetime hookup

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Currently in a long-distance relationship (LDR), Lopez has had a very different experience than many on campus.

From the survey, only 14 percent of students consider themselves to be in a LDR.

The appeal of no strings attached combined with physical pleasure is alluring.

While some students believe hookups may not be the best way to have fun without commitment, they push people past their comfort zones.

Both boys recognized miscommunication as a potential cause for a relationship ending (especially during first quarter, with acclimation to the college life), but they said this should not deter a couple from trying one out.

Of 100 freshmen who took it, only six shared my rather black-and-white belief that Stanford students don’t date at all.Most students believed that relationships are more common among upperclassmen.The rest agreed that it depends on the specific situation and that dating is possible in any year.To put it simply, I had no real experience with boys.Stanford’s reputation for being a non-dating campus with a rampant hookup culture honestly scared me.

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