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Lodge has also written several television screenplays and three stage plays.Since retiring from academia, he has continued to publish literary criticism, which often draws on his experience as a practising novelist and scriptwriter.He says of his retirement, "It was the right time to leave.All my former colleagues say: 'You are well out of it.' There's a weary disillusion to university life now and that's a shame because, when I was there, there was excitement, a joie de vivre.

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Lodge's first published novels, evoke the atmosphere of post-war England (for example, The Picturegoers (1960)).Kennedy: "Some members of the audience had caught the words and tittered uneasily, taking it as a joke in poor taste.In the interval everybody discovered the awful truth, and the second half of the show fell very flat." He had received a scholarship from the Harkness Commonwealth Fellowship, which requires the recipient to travel at least three months out of twelve in the United States, with a car provided by the company.Small World and Nice Work were shortlisted for the Booker Prize.Another major theme is Roman Catholicism, beginning from his first published novel The Picturegoers (1960).

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