Dating guitar amps

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One amp to rule them all We need our stuff to perform and adapt to varying environments for practice and gigs, outdoor, indoor, alone or in a band.

Any tube amp player should be aware of the importance of dialing in the sweet spot to achieve sustaining harmonics, tube distortion, rectifier sag and transformer sag, aka. So how do you achieve all this with specific amp not beeing too loud, too low, too muddy, too clean or too brittle? New peace of gear rarely brings anything new to the table. You want something else, either less, more or differently out of your amp and you don’t want to buy another amp.

You need the knowledge to tweak your favorite amps to better suit your needs. Man will never stop coming up with ideas and rationale for why he constantly needs to aquire more gear. For many players it’s more affordable to mod than to buy something else.

Mod trends It’s a constant in our universe – as long as man possess gear, man will mod gear. Man convinces himself, the wife and all who stands in between the gear and himself – the only responsible thing to do now, is to go get that gear. Your amp may have a sentimental history and and a character that you already like and that you might not get in another amp.

The poor Princeton Reverb even had an upgrade 10″ speaker but still couldn’t cut through the mix.

The whole day after we regretted not bringing a bigger amp, either a Vibrolux or Pro Reverb.

They are simple and basic point-to-point wired amps with built-in reverb and tremolo.

On the stage the band had a terribly bad tone experience, and who knows how the music sounded out the PA.Clean amps will be hot-rodded, crunchy and sweet amps will be cleaned and tightened up.We find that some amps have more rationale for mods than others.What we believe, by own experience and after talking to and reading several other player’s confessions – man often perform mods to prove to himself he is actually able to perform mods.Man wants to confirm to himself he can alter the tone of classic tube amps.

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