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(A) More importantly, it sets up the film’s central thematic debate — whether it’s best to be a player or to settle down with true love.Masterson and Detroit represent two opposite viewpoints.Out of this grew anti-establishment pieces that broke down barriers of race, religion and sexuality.And while the title of Peter Biskin’s controversial book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls sets the bookends at 1969-1980, the Hollywood Renaissance truly ran from 1967-1980.If you won’t take it from me, take it from Billy Wilder: “When people try to belittle The Exorcist or Jaws, I just think these people are crazy. Spielberg knows exactly what he did, and he did it brilliantly.” And so, let’s all come to grips with a simple fact: Jaws is not only massive entertainment, it remains one of the best directed movies ever made. The title and title song of “High Noon” tell us everything we need to know about Fred Zinnemann’s western masterpiece.

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Jerry (Gene Kelly) has come to love the city for its culture, but now only sees it as a curse, thanks to a broken heart over a Frenchwoman, Lise Bouvier (Leslie Caron).Helping the cause was 1967’s removal of the Hays Code in favor of the MPAA rating system.That meant filmmakers could make sexier, more violent films, as long as they carried a particular rating.Continue reading 1967 was the year that American cinema grew up.Hollywood’s Golden Age of the ’30s and ’40s had long since given way to the sword-and-sandal epics of the ’50s and ’60s.

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