Dating costa del sol

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Also, because Cádiz is built on a sandspit, it is a costly proposition to sink foundations deep enough to support the high-rise buildings that would allow for a higher population density.

As it stands, the city's skyline is not substantially different from in medieval times.

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The population distribution of the municipality is extremely uneven.The table below lists the area, population, and population density of the ten statistical divisions of Cádiz.Divisions 1 to 7, the "stats divisions", belong to the old town; 8, 9 and 10 correspond to the "new city".Some historians, based in part on this source, believe that the columns of this temple were the origin of the myth of the "pillars of Hercules".The city fell under the sway of Carthage during Hamilcar's Iberian campaign after the First Punic War.

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