Cpanel stats not updating

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Just Host Suggests creating a subdomain such as stats.and redirecting it to the above URL to make it easy to access, its also possible to alter the directory name where the icons are loaded, but make sure the folder path is defined properly in the file or the icons will not work properly.

This program updates every 24 hours, and also instantly updates when you click the "Update now" link.

I played all the modes today, and gotten two wins in Duos within the last hour and a half and they aren't updating at all.

Solo said it was updated like 15 hours ago, while Duos and Squads updated 2 days ago when I've placed Top 10 several times etc.

The statistics report gives details about the amount of people coming to your website, and other information like: Currently, you can view and print stats from within c Panel.

You can also download raw stats and view them as plain text or import them into a statistics program on your computer.

This puts all of the domains log files for the month into a directory that we can use in the AWStats update command Things to note: You need to make sure that each of the log files you have just copied use the same format.

You can specify an IP address which you do not want logged in AWStats to keep your own page visits from being counted.

For me, each domain archives the days logs in the following format where the X is a sequential number.

So the first problem is how to get the correct file name without having to look in each file to see if it has the right day?

First step is to get all of the logs for each domain for the month.

This will work out to about 30 or 31 files (if the month is already past), or however many days have past in the current month.

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