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Alcañiz, Alcorisa, Calanda, Andorra, Urrea, Albalate, Samper, Híjar and La Puebla de Híjar are the framework of the famous Holy Week of the Lower Aragón region, with the processions, the re-enactment of the Drama of the Cross and the Rompida de la Hora (hourly burst of drums).

A first tour to visit Alcañiz, Calanda, Mas de las Matas, Foz-Calanda, Aguaviva and Las Parras de Castellote.

These beautiful natural spaces with an extraordinary, beautiful landscapes and a wealth of plant and animal life are waiting to be discovered by visiting hikers.

The 127km long tour starts in Alcañiz and finishes in La Mata de los Olmos, although it can also be made in opposite direction.

The first part, focussing on the peculiar Ice Wells, includes stops in Alcañiz, Belmonte and La Cañada de Verich. Alcañiz, Calanda, Mas de las Matas, Alcorisa, Berge, Mequinenza-Mar de Aragón, Matarraña…

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Located in the village of Ottrott, the Hostellerie Des Châteaux & Spa is between Strasbourg and Colmar, on the Alsatian Wine Road.

These districts have also given rise to a special gastronomic heritage with prestigious products that have a high gastronomic value, such as the oil, the ham or the peaches.

The Lower Aragón region is also a land of artists, such as the legendary film director Luis Buñuel, master of surrealism, who was born in Calanda.

Drums are a deep-rooted tradition in Alcañiz, and their sound make the region and the people vibrate with excitement. Blessed with special beauty, the districts making up the region of the Historic Lower Aragón region (Matarraña, Maestrazgo, Bajo-Aragón-Caspe, Bajo Martín, Andorra and Sierra de arcos) offer a most interesting range of opportunities.

It is a land of contrasts, shaped by centuries of history and by the savoir-faire of its people, who preserve a unique, authentic and singular identity.

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